Saturday, 26 September 2009

Depression Video EMG & BBC Production

Still pushing to get this on Channel AKA & FLAVA TV Thank those who viewed it, keep them coming.. i&i

Roll To The Shoobs | VIDEO OUT Now


OUT Ever so soon.. i&i

I N S P I R E 09 Fashion Show

I never once thought that in my life I would see my music take me to the sort pf platform I was on whilst at this show, taking i&i music not to the stage show but the Catwalk - the show as great, absolutely thrilled with the mixture of modeling and musician. So it begins I'm supposed to get there from 11am and by 1pm I was walking in, before I know it.. "surrounded by high hills and I'm not no where near the Grand Canyon" nar reals high fashion UK Models everywhere but the atmosphere was over the roof am telling you - should have been there. There were a few slight technical difficulties, microphone, then the cord, the PA system, then food for artist, make up etc. but after all the backstage madness in the end it was all worth it, the crowd really supported and the models knew how to make man feel home.. *wink wink* Met some great contacts and feedback was nothing but good stuff(s) I have to shout out all who supported - ADULTS and all, including some of the artist. There was a lot of game backstage being Wii involved lol but yeah I think overall it was banging well erm except they just need to take the 'Fags' out of the scene *kmt* and am not saying that because I don't smoke.. i&i

R.I.P: Arturo Gatti

THE Champ.

R.I.P: Patrick Swayze

'I' look-a-like(s)

FYI: Okay so after being told time and time again by too many people that me and these guys look the same, I bring the question to you before the list get's any bigger - Wha!? you reckon. come on be honest now, - they're "Nothing Like Me" (8) *^,
Okay Real Drama absolutely came really hard last week on their show, THE TRUTH Premier brought to you in Inspire was an act not to be missed.. it really was. My views on the show is basically this: GREAT!. Performance, the night is not one that I will forget, for - where do I start, okay let me say they did a piece which basically is in the form of active media but not basic at all in the style in which they used the space and created a major amount of interactivity. Using drama and gaining more reception plus crowd participation than some artist in music pa's I've been to. The show was absolutely banging also because of participation that went on, real revelation a new style of acting which you can relate too because you know it's true, what I can say for one thing, they had people so hooked as they moved from one part of the space to another that even them young rotten good for nothing typical London brats that wouldn't move even if their Mum said; "come downstairs the kitchen's on fire!!" moving around - slightly moaning as they had to exercise (certain BIG People too) but still moving around the place as they explored..hmm what can I say the 'Living Gallery' Lastly as I conclude I think another thing that really did it for me was the weird and final parts, there was two scenes that were very of them was the Prison Break piece - absolutely hooking from beginning to end nice twist and link to other scenes in one word = BIG!. and the other was the State Of Mind piece (iThink it was called) damn the acting there was insane..extremely talented, the RD Team were more impressive in acting twisted and lost (bkb crazy) than the goons they got in London Dungeon those lames are readying on you to be scared already from the surrounding but these guys managed to turn the same space which they use to exhibit a love piece, racism, discrimination etc. and still use it to have people so tense they were on edge as they got scared which each move and outburst or shriek from one of the RD Actors/Actresses all in all - The whole show was GREAT!. Congratulations to; Ali Moore - Founder Real Drama TEAM Virtuous Media

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Typical Grime Boys, Spitting Out White Noise

(Here we go) | so I finally listen to this track of 'Maxsta' sending for 'Marvell' - especially 'Double S', unimpressed kmt so hear what am saying yeah.. Read More Before I start.. lol, wow I got so much to say my Facebook won't even let it go in. But I did promise so.. (Also this S#@! shouldn't really be put up on a blog - that's too much promotion but let the Grime forum see this, let's say am doing my man a favor kmt) True Talks: 'Maxsta is no way near better than 'Double S', come on now let's be honest. What's he even doing for the Grime scene - taking things back to where they began though everyone's trying to move forward, allow it kmt all sending for someone that's apparently shit but the irony is if it wasn't for their name that he keeps sending for where would he be. some publicity stunt little boy antics, trying to share space of next person's lime light. If he thinks Marvell are so shit why would he send for them, there's bare swag annoying crews and MC's on Myspace or Bebo why didn't he send for their name. kmt all talking about roadside hype life when real mic man knows that it's a not bad man that moves man but a gay man, talking moving a man up when in reality that's exactly what he's doing moving them man up, it's all promotion like a mascot cause now all I'll do is wanna hear what their saying and put one of their Mixtapes on. Talking about ending careers "ell oh ell" coming from someone who aint even made a career what can he say in a press pack? kmt what sending another man who actually gains PA's without a press pack kmt even I would send for him but that just might seems like a waste of my time, to me the boy is a waste to grime and what we represent nowadays yet you still get forum clowns that entertain that. DJ's that play that are washed. all talking about putting on an ascent but my man must have like that Flow Father bit cause this guy said like 3 times in one spray bare repeating bars. kmt then he's talking about how Double S aint better than Chipmunk in other words he's giving Chipmunk ratings, but wait does my man not realise he's exactly the sort of man dem that Chip was on about when he said "Wag1 for them mandem?" (Chipmunk - Mandem Prod. By Maniac) kmt clown saying Double S is shit like he can do better so what would a Tune / Video sending for next man get plays on MTV Base. kmt some playground antics people have gone past it even Tinchy said "that's the old E3" (Tinchy Stryder - Mainstream Money Prod. By Maniac) kmt well anyway maybe the guy would learn in time kmt typical stereotype most people of today waste so much energy doing negative imagine where he'll be on if my man put the same passion into himself. all am saying is ask him if he thinks Double S and Marvell is so shit after they all achieved and represent then what is he? it's narrow minded individuals like him that make me also hate Grime.. ..sometimes. kmt. >:@ Mitchmell mate you was wrong I shouldn't have heard this send now I don't like him anymore kmt it's a shame - worst thing is before that I thought he was alright which is why you know I aint hating, better yet which is why you told me to stay updated. but, kmt. maybe he'll learn till then after - Thank you: Please: Safe. Signed... Dats Who It Is™ .Infecta i&i® (Just to official the fact I say what I like so yeah I said it once but I won't say it twice cah.. that's a waste of time on an uneducated mind)

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Infecta Interview (FRESH Freestyle Exc.)

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Just a quick something for you all out there, Friends - Fans - Followers As already stated several times till now, I am unique and do not settle with being the same so.. Rather than AKA from now on I will be mostly caught saying BKB, this basically means rather than; aka - also known as (instead it is) bkb; better known by B)