Friday, 2 October 2009


This track was made in dedication of my boy 'Carl Beaton b.k.b Charmz' (R.I.P) - he was an inspirational, very talented, young man of many trades with an abosulutley GREAT!. Personality. I recorded this song as my Tribute because I've always said actions speak louder than words. Initially let me just say I do not usually make funky house but have always wanted an excuse to explore / experiment but also I was really inspired to make sure I do this after I heard 'SWAY' say on stage say he was going to dedicate he's single smash hit "Little Derick" to my boy Carl @a performance in Trafalgar Square on Sunday. There is a lot to be said about this Track - "Bubble" (called this because my Mum heard it and out of all the possible names - chose this one so it was not only picked but used.) because of what it represents to me, I also would like to note it is far from finisehd in the studio we literally had no time whatsoever to start mixing it, a video will be getting made to the track and when it gets out it will be handed to DJs as part of a short compilation called "HIStory" which will basically be all dedicated to my boy through the use of music and so it will be a positive vibes, Funky house tracks with a message. I want to thank a lot of people for making this happen, the beat was given to me a while back when I was very naive and closed of to even thinking of doing anything to do with Funky House by a guy with mad skill who trusted in me: Produced By. Mukz, the whole Skank Don't Shank was from the Street Team 'Skank Don't Shank' set up by my girl Shonique so last but not least want to thank J Passion for making it happen in the studio. As soon as this track is finished then trust me you will know about it, don't think now am another grime artist to funky mc - Nope. not me. "keep on searching" loool wow, anyway yeah Dats Who It Is will be out soon so you'll know am still in the scene but also just so you know when the track is finished there will be an RIP Tribute at the end and for those who really want to know when I made this is studio i was having a laugh, letting go, trying not be so serious with bars, bars, bars no wonder funky guys love it not once out of breath, not one retake, and positive feel to it. Hmm could get used to this ;) HA!. When you hear 'HIStory' please do not be biased and judge but see the bigger picture and watch, because this boy Infecta just like my guy "Charmz" is also a very multi-talented character so realize I am a songwriter. Funky, gospel, spoken, r&b, etc. - Get @ meh! Dats Who It Is .Infecta i&i®