Friday, 25 June 2010

MJ Tribute

Artist: Paul Leli

LOL :)

This is me, and not everyone is me, so I do what I do for me, not you, now I got loads of Blog Post to go up but I can't do it all now but am a have fun on the train to Colchester, see ya!


BBC Blast at V&A

This is a photo from the performance, live band set up and the actual video would soon be on their website. p.s. that's me in the DATS WHO IT IS top with the help of HustleBucks we made it happen.

Monday, 21 June 2010

And Another Show Date - Lambeth Country Show

Catch me live there this year, it is my first tieme am attending Country Show and also let alone performing with the RAWW Live Band in a Public Space, p.s. FREE Entry

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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Upcoming Shows

Drake's New-New but Bria was way better..

Brilliant Bria Myles

You see I could stop here but it's not enough..


I mean am all about my eyes but boy... You tell me.

Match Made In Hell

I know a bit harsh but not necessarily what am saying just re-quoting what am hearing but people do need to wake up and smell the coffee their life is far from fairytale.

Favourite Female Artist All Time

This is the best thing to happen to music right now and I love her so much, don't what it is maybe EVERYTHING what is there to not like, YES I am talking about Kalenna Harper NO not Dawn Richards (though she cool too) but check her out and see what am saying. She's the BEST.

Apple Laptop

For those of you who want the next Apple Product so bad that you can't wait well, you can always try this trick


Please follow/check them out directly: @JstyleClothing 

True Talks There.. Tell Them

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

LIL-K.I.M Should Keep It Moving

Only thing worse than a woman scorned, is a desperate one. Minaj is the now. You're the past. Wanna change that fact? Than do somethin' about it. Last I checked, we're still waitin' for your first post-jail hit. No more interviews. Don't talk about it—be about it. The Queen Bee needs a buzz and rap beef isn't gonna get you back on the throne. Sorry, ma.

Rosella Black

This figurine represents one of theCOOL(est)kids you would ever meet who is of age but yet still so young inside, she might very well become my booking manager or something so show some respect from now.


"Maybe she's born with it, Maybe it's Make Believe"

Exihibit A: Beyonce
Exihibit B: Jennifer Hudson
All you girls that actually are beautiful trying to look like these two, WAKE UP!

Ever Wonder Why?

With a body like that, someone should seriously tell me why she's in sports..

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Goose Chase (My Single) Lyrics on Pearl's Paper

These are some lyrics of the next song to follow up: Do What You Like, I sand the song to and she seems to like it alot... X

Lifestyle of the Rich And Famous

What you know about that?

iPhone 4

iPhone 4g: Pre Order from

She Fancy Uh'

"Look long and touch not"

Krystal Kid Robot

Work of art