Sunday, 11 July 2010

Do What You Like (Official Video) Release Date Soon

so soon the video is coming, Chas knows ;)

In MJ Memory

I really do miss him unlike these fake fans that talk only when he's dead and never shut-up about it,

Rest In Peace God Bless your soul especially even after death and all your family..


Initially introducing you to Ms. Hunter, best beautiful buddy Bimpe (p.s. you can't call her that) :P and am announcing she's so suave with a unique pizazz so she's now officially the STYLIST.
show some RESPECT

Black Simpsons

interesting if I do say so myself..
not necessarily funny but worth a second look


wonder when someone would have enough time to do one of these things for male privates
Just to be honest ..LOL

JStyle ClothingLine


Ferrari Zoom

This is my beautiful buddy ZOOM's face on the custom paint Ferrari Front

Trademark Trainers

Initially introducing you to ZOOM (my beautiful buddy in the picture), she thinks that these trainers are now my trademark after the Do What You Like video we'll see ;)

But I think she's the star of this picture really.. nothing but L.O.V.E

Hot Dog

SUMMERTIME is here!.
and you though you was sweating, look at the poor things eyes filled with worry
LOL funny enough ey' now that's what I call a REAL Hot Dog



YouTube Success

The first day I found out that Do What You Like was known to the YouTube search tabs,
The feeling felt so super.
Click image to enlarge

Ladies Night Out ey'?

Think this looks cool so am attending.. advise you to do the same.

Cartoon Character