Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Cee-Lo Feat. 50 Cent - "Fuck You" Freestyle

This video is recent; recommend it highly

Far East Movement - Like A G6

This video is recent; recommend it highly

Jared Evan - I'm In Love With You (Teaser)

This video is recent; recommend it highly

Kelis - 4th of July

This video is recent recommend it highly

Back B#&*!'s

It's been a while but just so you know in case it wasn't obvious yet I AM BACK BABY but most of you would probably not even read this so if your anything like me and you read images/pictures more than words then that picture above says it all so there that's the fyi.

Captivating Album Artwork

T.I. Roars his back in the possible King Uncaged cover, I really like this and it is a head turner on the shelves shame it's not actually on any yet because this is still a choice out of many predicted covers but by far this gets my vote.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Globe Trotter

Worn Out.

After a while I had to upgrade from these though this is proof of the work-rate which's what my feet get up to, that's why SIZE.co.uk had to lend a helping hand to a brother because woah..

But anyway I love them, don't you just adore the Classics. (that was rhetorical, see there is no question mark meaning don't answer that) if you don't then make like Nike and JUST DO IT.

INCEPTION Worldwide Première Photos (Red Carpet)

Professor Green & I tired after watching the film at the Première
Professor Green & I taking a picture for fans showing some support.
Pixie Lott & I after watching Inception World Première

Inf: These are some exclusive photography of what I can find from the day, there are loads more pictures but you need to find that from Press/Paps

BBC GOLDIE Music-Project 2010 Guy Chambers Studio Session

In Guy Chambers Studios with Ms. Dynamite as BBC Film on

Inf: Here are just a few flicks of the day, what we got up to etc. (btw this was the same day as Jonathan Ross show, just the fyi)

BBC Friday Night With Jonathan Ross (Behind Scenes)

Friday Night With Jonothan Ross, Scissors Sisters & I on set

Friday Night With Jonothan Ross Glee Cast, P-Nut & I on set

Here are some exclusive photographs of some of the behind the scenes of The Friday Night With Jonathan Ross show that I was on with Tom Hardy.

We went on one week after P.Diddy and Dirty Money did so it was definatley a big achievement and good look other

There should be more pictures to come but if not and I forgot (which is more likely) then other guest that day included Rev. Al Green and my main man Tom.

BB Pics: V.I.P Wristbands

Inf: These are just a few flicks of me out and about Events, Shows, Studios etc.

The work rate with BBC is really evident here ..yeah.

The Day I Lost My Virgin-ity

Here's the inf; so I travelled to CHESTER on a Virgin High Speed Fast Rail Train to perform at a show

Then came back to London and bumped into an RAF Pilot Friend of mine who works with Virgin now and took me for a ride in a Helicopter for the first time

So first time for two things that day which was virgin so I call it my V Day

The rooftops where inspiring, newt music video it is mandatory..


One day after I viewed the movie I walk outside my house at 5am and see the Lamp-post on the floor

You can guess what I was thinking.. or should I say dreaming,



Emanuel (in the can) and Michael (in command) at one of the Young Advisors Projects at Southbank.. I loved this picture when I first saw it and still do..

Flipping funny

BB Pics: Street Art

From this day froth this is the only time I want to hear someone talk to me about "Street Art"

Graffiti is not the same thing. p.s. this was on the way back from Porsha Versace's Birthday (love her)

BB Pics: Trademark Trainers

Thank you to my stylist Bimpe Hunter whom recommended me for this one and it was Love at first sight

Thank you to SIZE.co.uk for the sponsorship discount

So whenever you see these two on the same legs you can call "Infecta  Dats Who It Is"

p.s. It means alot of things to me actually, You can Guess what it symbolises

BB Pics: F__king Foul

WARNING: Extremely strong disturbing content

Yes that is a hot.. well cold cup (by this time) of chocolate that has been left to mould.

"This is just a touch of some of the shit I have t put up with at Apprenticeship, these fowl brutes you think this looks bad but it smells worse"

BB Pics: Art

Here some bits and pieces from my travels/journeys

(1st one is from show at Shunt

2nd is from a 5Star Hotel

3rd is from the GMTV and Southwark Newspaper Interview with Tom Hardy)

I know I do

Bisquits and Milk

after a 12 hour shift studio session..


Magazine Covers, Interviews and Features

One of my sponsors has made me prouder than ever, it's an honour working with this Brand.

Check them out if not taking it from me then this is Proof.

BB Pics: Disenelo

The Invasion, Where's your head at?

Have you seen it yet (UK LDN)

Young Money

the Real Deal

BB Pics: Bags In Bags In Bags

I wouldn't look in there if I was you,
Let's go shopping..

BB Pics: Suitcase Clearout

New Clothes..

Drake Look-A-Likes

Who looks like Drake the most?

Fly money huh?