Sunday, 23 August 2009

DWIS Team | Project

The TEAM has fallen into place and in no time almost like it was meant to be so I am very thankful, proud & pleased to present the close people that will work around with me and as they help on this journey. Ali Moore - PR Officer (Public Relations E.g. Press)- My girl Al - the mind behind Real Drama I will work alongside the RD Family to secure and develop a professional network of press and media interest, when bookings/magazine reviews make contact RD will be onside to represent Infecta and vice-versa. Aaron Carter Hanson - Promotions Manager (working as my Promoter & in promoting anything else worthy of our support)- My main man Aaron - the same person I was supporting on his first show on Reprezent FM - has got obvious charisma it makes sense that he is in charge of my Promotions, we will be regularly knocking heads when new promo opportunities come along. Dammy Olufemi - Representative (Music Rep & Magazine)- Big in the music scene, going by the name of ‘Scandal’ Danny also works at LIVE Magazine this is the guy to call when I can’t be there to Reprezent. Margaret Oseyemi - PA (Personal Assistant)My very close Magstar Dats Who It Is will be my help when I need it cause there is too much for one man! PLUS we couldn’t be more alike already cause we are the same - GEEKS B) We're starting on a 'DATS WHO IT IS' Take-over web wise, so watch out on the following spaces: Myspace: Bebo: And if you haven't yet joined the 'DATS WHO IT IS' group on Facebook, (which is highly unlikely (^^,) please do and drop comments on the wall. Click here : INVITE Your Friends..Tell your friend to tell a friend!!! Let's make the movement even bigger, am not sure about you but I feel like it's time for growth so keeping it moving!, Bless, .Infecta

Aaron Carter's Logos

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Friday, 21 August 2009

'The Mix' Festival @ Burgess Park

The Mix is a celebration of young people across Southwark, showcasing the best performances, art, poetry, sports and carnival from hundreds of young people in the area. Whether it’s DJ'ing, street dance, creative writing or sports, the have a go sessions led by professionals will get you being creative and active.Headlining the stage this year, were Bashy and Ghetts, plus a combination of local artists discovered through auditions and professionals.
On Saturday 15th of August, I performed at 'The Mix' Festival @ Burgess Park. I performed some of my singles which include 'Roll To The Shoobs', 'Do What You Like' ,Depression' and a few freestyles. If You want to listen to my singles further please click this link to go to my myspace page:
Initially just want to thank you for all the support I recieved on Saturday August 15th 2009, The MIX Festival was a successful event and so far after my performance the response has been nothing but positive. p.s. FYI: In case you missed it the video of the PA will be up on YouTube in the near future & I will be updating on whenever that happens, also the official review should be appearing in the next issue of 'South London Press'. But for now take a look at the 'pics' that were taken at 'The Mix' Festival in the most recent issue of the South London Press (Friday August 21st 2009) Page 35 or check out; for the inf.
This is my 'FRESH' exclusive freestyle backstage at The MIX Festival , drop comments:


As we all know, Carl Beaton aka Charmz sadly passed away in the early hours of Saturday 1st of August. His death became a BIG shock to everyone. Carl was young and a very talented person. He was funny and never found it difficult to get along with people. He was known for his music especially his HIT single 'Buy Out The Bar' which is being played in raves and all over! Up till this day I will surely miss him. Prayers go out to his close friends and family at this time especially. May his legacy live on forever. He surely did live up to his nickname 'Charmz' as he knew how to charm people with his smile and his jokes. More than 4,000 people joined a tribute group on the social-networking site Facebook with hundreds of messages dedicated to the “funny” and “talented” musician. He was funny, and, hence his nickname, charming.”

" After The Rave, Bagel King! " ..." Ladies Wine Up Your Waistline,Then Go Low To The Baseline.."

If you haven't yet seen the tribute made to Charmz, then click this link :

R.I.P Family, You Will Surely Be Missed.. ..